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Jwin Jewelry on Location in Tucson 2014

Jill Winston

You know what I really love about coming to the Tucson show??? Is meeting and talking to all the people from all over the world. Those stalactites?? Those are from Uraguay and they barely spoke English. How cool is that!?!?

I have been here a few days now and getting a groove with all the stones. Be sure to check out these pictures of some of the awesome treasures I have bought. I can hardly wait to get them made into jewelry. Designs are running through my head!

Stone setting onto a pendant has about a hundred different stages and processes, or at least seems like it. After two eight hour days making it and four hours polishing it, I could hardly believe I could actually wear it!! The stone I got in the class is a fossilized coral, but I am call the piece Bubbles!!

I designed it and made it.

The close up on the semi-precious stones shows the micro faceting on these amazing gems.  I spent a lot of time talking to the owner of the factory. He gets the rough rock in India and haspeople cut and facet them and then brings them here to Tucson. I feel lucky that I found him. He was really nice and loved talking about the stones and everything about them.

Tomorrow is a new day. I will go to some of the smaller shows where I always find interesting things. So stay tuned!!!!

Reporting live from Tucson……

Choice Selections:

This one is a micro faceted champagne citrine. Very special!

This is blue topaz and is apparently getting to be a rare stone. My dealer/factory owner says there is limited supply and its getting all bought up. I am glad I got these beauties!!

A new fact I learned. I had always thought these were called rutilated quartz, and they are, sometimes. But they are also called tourmalted quartz which is the stone I thought I had never heard of before. Which goes to show you that many stones have many names. Sometimes I think the factory owners come up with new names to help sell them. It worked on me! But I must say I got the best specimens I have seen in a long time.

This is another micro facet cut of the champagne citrine. Each one of those facets are cut BY HAND!